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  • What is video pipe inspection?

  • Video pipe inspection is a non-destructive way of inspecting your water or sewer pipeline to determine what is causing blockage.  Typically, in older home with established trees, the flow is being blocked by tree roots.  Since Memphis and Shelby County are located in the middle of a natural hardwood forest, this is a very common problem in our area.  Over time, tree roots work their way into joins between sections of pipe.  Inspecting the pipeline through video allows us to determine where the blockage is and whether or not it can be cleared with a rotating root cutting blade..
  • What if the blockage can't be cleared?
  • Over time, tree roots form root balls that damage the pipeline enough that clearing becomes only a temporary solution, especially if the pipes are old, made of clay, or small in diameter.  If you have this problem year after year, it is probably time to consider replacing the water and/or sewer lines or storm drains.
  • How are water and sewer lines replaced?
  • Walker Plumbing Service has been replacing water and sewer lines in the Memphis area since 1995.  We work hard to replace your lines safely, quickly, and with as little disruption to your property as possible.  Please see this ehow article regarding the steps necessary to correctly remove the old lines and replace them: http://www.ehow.com/how_6028163_replace-home-sewer-lines.html   You  can be assured that as experienced master plumbers we will get the necessary permissions and follow the proper procedures when replacing your water and sewer lines.
  • Unless you are an experienced Master Plumber, this is not the type of thing you will want to try to do yourself.  The first step is always contacting your local utility company (MLGW) to locate and mark natural gas and electrical lines on your property.  Lines are buried at varying depths and it can be very dangerous digging on your property even when planting a tree or putting up a fence.  This page from MLGW explains why you should always "Call 811 before you dig": http://www.mlgw.com/builders/811builders
  • How much will it cost?
  • Because we are a small locally owned business, we can offer much better pricing than plumbing franchises or big companies.  Please call Scott today at 901.233.0437 or email him at slwplumb@aol.com for a free estimate.
  • What if you replace my lines and they become clogged again?
  • No problem.  Walker Plumbing Service offers a ten year warranty of workmanship and materials.  This is important because many companies only guarantee the materials, and the labor can be costly.  We are proud to be longstanding members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating which means we have no complaints or unresolved issues with our clients.  We stand behind our work.

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